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  • Designed for Optical Transceiver Testing (Module sinusoidal power supply noise tolerance)
  • Meets or exceeds the QSFP-DD/QSFP-DD800/QSFP112 Hardware Specification 6.3 and OSFP Octal Small Form Factor Pluggable Module Rev. 5
  • 200mOhm typical source impedance
  • Low-profile, small footprint probe head minimizes interconnect, essential for high bandwidth
  • GaN enabled for low impedance high speed modulation
  • Water cooling allows the probe to get close to the DUT, essential for high bandwidth modulation
  • Sense lines in the connector support PWR-OPT05 remote sense board



  • Power supply noise immunity testing
  • QSFP-DD and OSFP Power Supply Noise Tolerance Testing
  • Power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), power supply modulation ratio (PSMR), and power supply signal to noise ratio (PSNR) measurement
  • General PSRR/PSMR high power high bandwidth testing


What's included:

  • P2124A Probe and cooling unit with cooling fluid
  • Mating power connector
  • 1m BNC-Mini SMP PDN Cable®
  • 12V DC Power Supply (Input: 100V-240V 50/60Hz; output: 12V DC, 2A max)
  • P9610A Power Supply (including the USB and GPIB Interfaces)
  • PWR-OPT05 Remote sense board - App Note
  • 1 Year Warranty

P2124A High Speed Line Modulator (PSRR/PSMR/PSNR Water-Cooled GaN Probe)

SKU: P2124A
    • Probe Head
      • Flat connector for solder tabs (wide range)
      • Other customized heads available
      • Support for two probe heads
    • Modulation Electronics Connection: A four (4) wire connection is provided. This includes two wires for power (+/-) for the DUT power and two sense connection back from to the solder tabs on the probe head. The + sense lead is the INSIDE Red lead and the OUTSIDE black lead (thinner gauge wires). It is ok to tie the black ground leads together, but not the red leads as this would cut off the power supply modulation. The probe head connector is a Molex Part Number 1053131104 - Female mating connector. You may connect to this. A mating cable is provided with the Molex Part number connector housing 1053071204. This connector is populated with wired pins (0797582130). Other mating options are possible.
    • Note: usage of a remote sense filter to provide adjustment the power supply voltage level to account for probe loading is HIGHLY recommended.
    Specifications Typical Units
    Absolute Maximum DC Input Voltage 50 (Probe), 7.5V (Transceiver Application) V
    Peak Current 10 A
    Maximum Continuous Current 6 A
    Maximum Voltage Drop at 6A 3.5V V
    Output Voltage Output range is 0V to approximately 3.5V below Vin V
    Modulation Signal Level 0 to approximately the Voltage Drop V
    Modulation Input Impedance 50 Ohms
    3dB Frequency Response (typical)
    (0.6ohm resistive load)
    30 - 40M Hz
    Modulation Frequency Range 10-250M Hz
    Temperature Range 35 C
    Maximum Altitude 6000 Ft
    Output Impedance at 6 Amps
    200m Ohms


     Caution: To avoid equipment damage and/or severe injuries death or death do not use this probe close to voltages higher than 50 VAC or 75 VDC.

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