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  • Greatly attenuates the effects of low frequency ground loops
  • Supports the 2 Port Shunt Thru impedance measurement required for Power Distribution Networks (PDN’s)
  • Ultra-low noise output - Ultra-high ripple rejection
  • Two output connector versions, BNC and N
  • Maintains 50 Ohm transmission line integrity to at least 6GHz
  • Works with all types of test equipment to eliminate ground loops, such as Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers

What's included:

J2102B Common Mode Transformer - BNC or N Type Connector
User manual
1 Year Warranty



The simplest and most effective method for eliminating a ground loop is to add a wideband common mode transformer to the measurement, such as the Picotest J2102B Common Mode Transformer. The transformer for a low impedance PDN measurement must have very wide bandwidth, low loss and tight coupling, otherwise, the results will not be accurate over the measured frequency range. It is also important to maintain the 50 Ohm transmission line impedance through this transformer. The J2102B accomplishes this with ease.


The J2102B paired with the Picotest PDN Cable is the best general solution. The J2113A is a better choice if you need to measure below 3kHz and below a maximum frequency of 500kHz. Due to the limited CMRR, the J2113A is not recommended below 1mOhm. If other cables are used with either solution, there may be significant degradation in measurement accuracy below 1MHz due to poor cable shield resistance and isolation.

Picotest J2102B Common Mode Transformer

  • Characteristic Rating
    Usable Bandwidth 1Hz-6GHz
    Insertion Loss TBD
    Return Loss TBD
    Maximum Voltage 50V
    Temperature Range 0-50C
    Maximum Altitude 6000 Ft
    Absolute Maximum Voltage < 50VAC and 75VDC


    *Note: The upper end of the bandwidth is heavily dependent on the interconnect between the Injector and the DUT.

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