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  • J2161A/J2102B enables Gold-Standard 2-port shunt-through Power Distribution Network Impedance measurement on oscilloscopes
  • 100Hz – 500MHz typical measurement bandwidth, Impedances down to 1mohm
  • Works with Tektronix Series 5/6 oscilloscopes with FRA features (requires 5-PWR or 6-PWR software)


What's included:

J2161A 2-Way Wideband Active Splitter
J2171A High PSRR Regulated Adapter
User Manual
1 Year Warranty


Now you can perform the “Gold Standard” PDN measurement on the Tektronix Series 6 oscilloscope. The 2-port shunt-through impedance measurement is enabled by the Picotest J2161A Active Splitter, along with either a J2102B Common Mode Transformer or a J2113A Differential Amplifier (for ground loop breaking). The combination of these two injectors (splitter and transformer) allows you to measure low impedances over frequency down to 1mohm covering a bandwidth of 100Hz to over 500MHz. The bandwidth of the measurement is dependent on the scope’s capabilities.

Picotest J2161A 2-Way Wideband Active Splitter

  • Characteristic Rating
    Uncalibrated Insertion Loss

    < 100MHz 1dB.
    >100MHz - 500MHz 3dB

    Input Return Loss (typical)

    < 100MHz < -20dB
    >100MHz - 500MHz 12dB

    Output Return Loss (typical)

    < 100MHz < -20dB
    >100MHz - 500MHz 12dB

    Gain 1
    Out to Out Isolation >75 dB (up to 100MHz)
    Maximum Input Voltage 2Vpk DC+AC
    Temperature Range 0-50C
    Maximum Altitude 6000 Ft
    Absolute Maximum Voltage (input or output)

    2.5V pk DC+AC into 50Ohms


    Caution: To avoid equipment damage and/or severe injuries or death ensure that the absolute maximum ratings are observed and not exceeded at all times.

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