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  • 15GHz Single-Ended Precise High Bandwidth Probe for all Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Applications
  • Compatible with the Picotest J2154A PerfectPulse TDR
  • Fixed pitches available: 20, 31, 40, 50, 60, 70, 100 mils, or GSG SMA
  • Handheld browser style for repeatable and easy probing; Handle design fits most probe holders
  • Slim low-profile housing for comfort and visibility
  • Compatible with all 50 ohm Instruments

Benefits Over Competitors:

  • Higher bandwidth than most competitive solutions
  • Wide range of pitch spacings available
  • Custom pitch spacings available. Custom Filtering Options can be added
  • Spring pins in both center and ground lead for easier placement and landing
  • Short pins and integrated, but removable
  • Includes PDN cable for low coupling and optimum shielding. Includes rotating SMPM connector


  • Low-cost PCB coupon tester - Characteristic Impedance PCB traces
  • Measure Voltage Ripple and Noise
  • Measure PCB trace length, characteristic impedance, and dielectric constant
  • Locate and detect impedance mis-matches
  • Measure parasitic values of inductance and capacitance such as bond wires, vias, and ESL
  • Measure PCB trace path rise/fall time and overshoot/undershoot
  • Supports cable and trace loss modeling

* When coupled with the J2154A TDR.


What's included:
P2105A TDR Probe
One (1) 1m SMA-Mini SMP PDN Cable®
1 Year Warranty



The Picotest P2105A probe is 50 ohm 1-port transmission line 'Browser' probe for TDR applications. This precision probe supports a variety of measurements using the 1-port reflection methodology including primarily impedance and TDT/TDR, but also ripple, noise, PCB power rail, VRM (Voltage Regulator Module), and clock jitter. It has significant advantages in comparison to active probes and other types of passive probes.

The P2105A is a referred to as a 'browser' probe for its ability to easily and quickly be moved from point- to-point/rail-to-rail simply by reseating the probe points. The probe achieves a very low inductance at the tip to mitigate space constraints on a dense PCB, while eliminating the need to add additional SMA connections or other test points necessary for impedance measurements. It is especially useful when there are multiple rails to assess and there is not time or PCB iterations available to provide test point implementations for each. Repeated measurements are simplified because connection is by simply touching the tip to existing trace. The P2105A comes in various fixed pin pitches (20, 31, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 100 mil spacing with 1X attenuation; GSG SMA and custom pitches are also available).

The probe is compatible with all 50 ohm instruments, including the J2154A PerfectPulse TDR, vector network analyzers (VNAs), oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers. The probe is designed to work with the traditional single ended TDR setup.

Picotest P2105A 1-Port Low Noise TDR - Ripple Browser Probe

    • Bandwidth DC - 15GHz
    • Fixed pitches
    • 20 mil - 0.508mm

      31 mil - 0.7874mm

      40 mil - 1.016mm

      50 mil - 1.27mm

      60 mils - 1.54mm

      70 mils - 1.78mm

      100 mil – 2.54mm

      Custom pitches

    • 1X Attenuation
    • 50 ohms
    • Mini-SMP (SMPM)
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