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P2105A Browser Style Probe Head-Based Solution

  • Browser probe style
  • Up to 10A (peak and average)
  • Direct control of load current profile
  • Very high-power density
  • High-speed excitation for tight spaces
  • Custom-designed single resistor solution
  • Wattage < 200W peak, <1W avg., Voltage 0.8V - 72V, < 10A



  • Power Supply Testing and Measurement
  • VRM and PDN Validation
  • Rail noise evaluation
  • Transient load step (large signal)
  • SPICE/ADS State Space Average Model Development
  • Large-signal control loop stability and input filter stability
  • Thermal (TDP) testing
  • IC Package evaluation


What's included:

P2105A Solution (Model S10)

  • P2105A Stepper Probe with single fixed load step


Transient Testing
Transient load current step testing is a critical part of power system design, test, and verification. No matter the architecture, design make-up, or power levels, transient testing is key to evaluating many aspects, including power integrity, power distribution network (PDN) validation, Voltage Regulation Module (VRM) stability and transient response, noise, large-signal control loop stability, input filter stability, load emulation, thermal (TDP) testing, and IC package performance.

Picotest’s line of transient steppers enable testing of very fast load current transitions, high peak and average power, via multiple form factors that previously were unavailable or impractical to accomplish. In particular, demanding low-voltage, high-current applications, including those found in data centers, AI, graphics, EV, and servers, can now be tested.

The power distribution networks that provide power to advanced digital loads such as CPUs, ASICs, FPGAs, and other custom ICs can now be validated before the costly ICs are exposed to any power system-related unknowns.


Delivery: 4-6 weeks, depending on resistor selection. Resistor selection must be specified at checkout.


Please e-mail if you have questions about the resistor selection..

Picotest P2105A Probe-Based Stepper (S10)

  • Edge Rate (R/F time) <500ps switching *
    Repetition Rate DC-50MHz (Limited by average power and dwell time)
    Control User Supplied - 5V pulse generator
    Maximum Dwell Time 100us dwell
    Input voltage rating Based on custom resistor *
    Output current rating Based on resistor up to 10A
    Wattage <1W avg.
    Voltage 0.8V - 72V
    Connector Type SMPM pulse, spring tip


    * Final signal edge speed is dependent on the load board design, voltage, and current.Solution is single level (On/Off). Resistance is set at the time of manufacturing.

    *Step Load current is a set by PDN voltage, and step load probe resistor value. An example is provided below.

    PDN Voltage Step Load Resistor Step Load Max Current
    1V 0.1 Ohm 10A
    0.8 0.1 Ohm 8A

    The S10 probe can be built using any standard 1% tolerance resistor values. 

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