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The Picotest S50 crosstalk demo board is a multi-layer PCB with 2 independent power domains to emulate crosstalk from an aggressor PDN to a victim PDN. In addition, this 8-layer PCB has a 50mm x 50mm BGA footprint connected to both power domains to allow measurement of crosstalk between via structures. This PCB supports a single input voltage supply with 2 independent output voltages. Each power supply can be turned on or off independently of the other to allow engineers to assess the noise from each power domain. 


This demo board is designed to support measurement with multiple Picotest probes and transient load stepper solutions. It has probe points for the P2124 so engineers can measure PSRR on higher current PDN, P2104A/P2105A probe points to measure voltage, and S10 and S50 probe points to support testing with the Picotest transient load steppers. 


This demo board can also be used to do PDN impedance measurements with the Picotest P2102A 2-port probe.



A single VIN with an input range from 4.5V to 20V is used to power both power domains. 

Power domain #1 - single phase output - 15A max - 0.85Vout

Power domain #2 - 4-phase output - 100A max - 1Vout


Picotest S50 Demo Board (S50DEMO)

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