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Picture this: a world where your electronic devices operate with pristine precision, unaffected by the fluctuations and ripples in the power supply. Our Attenuator ensures that your gadgets enjoy a haven of stability, rejecting power supply disturbances like a superhero repelling villains.

Engineered for excellence, our Attenuator with exceptional PSRR guarantees a clean and undisturbed power delivery, unleashing the true potential of your electronics. Say goodbye to interference and hello to a world of seamless performance.

Elevate your power experience with Attenuator – where precision meets rejection, and your devices revel in a symphony of uninterrupted power. It's not just a power supply; it's a sanctuary for your electronics. ⚡✨ #PowerWithoutDisturbance #TechExcellence

The Attenuator

SKU: 364215375135191
Color: Black
  • The Attenuator is designed to be used as a known DUT for PSRR measurements with the Picotest J2120A line injector with Picotest P2104A or P2105A browser probes after calibration. The Attenuator supports PSRR atteution measurements with an VNA using probes with a pitch as small as 15 mils.


    As an alternative to the J2120A, The Attenutor will also work with the Picotest P2124A water-cooled probe.


    The Attenuator comes comes in standard attenuator values of 60 dB, 100 dB, 120 dB, and 140 dB. Upon request the attenuation can be customized. 

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