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Bode 500 VNA & Frequency Response Analyzer

The Bode 500 is an exceptional analyzer from OMICRON Lab, offering unparalleled precision and power. With an ultra-wide frequency range of 10 mHz* up to 450 MHz, it's the perfect tool for precise measurements.

The Bode 500 is still under development and we will update this page with the latest information available.


The Bode 500 is a versatile and precise instrument designed for vector network analysis, frequency response analysis, and impedance measurements. It offers high linearity and a dynamic range of over 120 dB, ensuring accurate and reliable results.


This silent, portable analyzer supports various power options and can be controlled via SCPI commands or the Bode Analyzer Suite for ease of use and automation.

Key Features

  • High linearity and dynamic range of > 120 dB

  • Switchable inputs with 50 Ω termination and high impedance setting (ac-coupled 1 MΩ)

  • 66 dB dynamic range on the output

  • Maximum power level of 16 dBm

  • Suitable for loop gain and output impedance measurements on switching converters and PDNs

  • Ideal for power integrity verifications and loop stability measurements

  • Silent, fanless design

  • Portable and can be powered by Ethernet (PoE), USB (USB-PD), or standard power supply

  • USB-C and Ethernet interface for network or control computer connection

  • Compatible with Bode Analyzer Suite for intuitive user experience

  • Supports direct control via SCPI commands for automated measurements

Bode 100 vs Bode 500 Comparison

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