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Please note that the J2170B has been replaced by the J2171A


Key Features

  • For use with the J2110A, J2111B, J2112A, J2113A, and other Picotest Injectors
  • Universal AC input voltage 100V-240V for worldwide performance
  • +/-12V 200mA output
  • Ultra-high PSRR
  • Very low noise
  • Very low output impedance


What’s included

  • J2171A High PSRR Regulated Adapter
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty



The J2171A power adapter is specially designed for use with the Picotest J2110A, J2111B, J2112A, J2113A, and other signal injector products. The supply combines a universal worldwide input (100 to 240 VAC ) with two high-performance linear regulators.


While there are many off-the-shelf power supplies available that can provide a universal input voltage and 12V output voltage, they do not provide the same performance as the J2171A. Most switching regulators produce significant ripple at and above 100kHz. This ripple passes through the PSRR of the internal opamps, reducing the noise floor. While this may work in many applications, it is less than ideal. Typical switching power supplies and even typical linear regulators have a high output impedance at 40MHz, due to the ESL of the output capacitors and the nature of the control loop.


The J2171A uses a discrete design approach, offering very low output impedance, stable performance with large ceramic decoupling capacitors, and ultra-high PSRR compared with typical off-the-shelf devices. To maintain a good noise floor for various measurements, the power supply must have very low noise.


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Picotest J2171A High PSRR Regulated Adapter

  • Absolute Maximum Input Voltage 240V, 60Hz
    Output Voltage +/-12V
    Maximum Icc 200mA
    Temperature Range 0-50C


    To avoid equipment damage and/or severe injuries or death ensure that the absolute maximum ratings are observed and not exceeded at all times.

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