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  • Flexible, articulating arm
  • Allows fine adjustment to the probe location to obtain stable contact



  • Each probe holder comes with a steel base, articulated arm, and 3 heads (for P2124A/S50, P2102A, P2104/P2105A/S10)
  • One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty



The Picotest probe holder fits all Picotest probes, including the P2124A, S10, S50, P2102A, P2104A, and P2105A probes.


The Picotest probe holder is a 3D probe positioner with a flexible, articulating arm that can be quickly positioned in a wide variety of configurations. This provides stable 3D probe positioning for hard-to-reach XYZ access.


Picotest Probe Holder

  • If you're not satisfied with this product or it doesn't work for your measurement setup, you can return this product for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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